410027 – Round Metripack 3-WAY Mate

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This particular connector is seen on everything in the transportation industry! From pressure sensors and transducers to speed sensors, this is one of the most common connectors used in sensors today and has been for the past 20 years. The problem, there was no mate available…. until now! Casper’s Electronics is proud to announce the release of the round 3 way metripack mate! This connector will also interface with the GT series of the same connector. Additionally, we have tooled a dust cap – part number 410026, which prevents contaminants and corrosion from damaging the connector.

Part NumberTerminal SealTPA Mates With Status
410027 500001 INCLUDED N/A Delphi 12065287
Delphi 12065286
Delphi 12186689
Delphi 15452173
Delphi 12186827
Delphi 12162226
Delphi 12110192
Delphi 12078090
Delphi 12065287
Delphi 10717473
Delphi 13846842
Delphi 13602480
Delphi 13532244
Delphi 15477863
ANY other MFG


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